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We moved into a new house nearly a year ago, and still have

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We moved into a new house nearly a year ago, and still have not received our energy (gas & electricity) bill or any communication from the supplier.
We have contacted the supplier lots of times, and raised the issue with the Energy Ombudsman a couple of months ago. So far, the energy supplier denies any knowledge of our existence (and it's the same for all our neighbours on this new estate).
We moved into the house from a much smaller flat, and we are very worried that our bills will be huge (we don't know how much energy this house uses). Therefore we have been living in the cold the last few months as we're afraid to turn up our heating.
Is there anything else we can do? We are living in fear of a massive bill landing on our doorstep that we have no way of paying.
Thank you for your question.
Have you thought of going to a switching website and choosing a new supplier? That would certainly solve the problem for the future and in the event the current supplier does eventually recognise the situation you can deal with that then.
I hope this helps. Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your answer.

I didn't realise I could do that without first closing the account with the current supplier. I will certainly try that if it's possible.

Regarding the bill that will (eventually) land on our doorstep for the last 8 months...

The current supplier is one of the most expensive, and we probably could have made savings of several hundred pounds if we'd switched straight away (which I didn't think we could do without closing the account first). Would I be right to ask them to reduce the bill by that amount to match the cheapest supplier?

I would write recorded delivery to the supplier and say that on the basis they have denied that they supply you gas and electricity, when in fact it is your information that they do, you are making alternative arrange,nets and you will not be held responsible for the cost of any supply of services from them, past or future.
If they then tried to pursue you, I think you would have every sympathy from a court in the event that they attempted to sue you.
As far as your new supplier is concerned you can simply say that this is a new house and you are unaware of the initial supplier, if any.
If the original supplier does appear, you would be justified in querying their account if it is non competitive and you could have made savings elsewhere but for their inaction in making themselves known to you.
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