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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Scots Law
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Ladies who are full bowling members are being denied use of

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ladies who are full bowling members are being denied use of club hall in favour of non-members
who are also women is this right?
Thank you for your question. I am a solicitor in Scotland.
It certainly doesn't sound right but I need some more information.
Who has made this decision?
What does the constitution or any other policy or rules documentation say about this?
Can you explain the circumstances a little more?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

committee made decision. constitution states fees must be paid before access to club facilities. bingo players pay nothing other than purchase drink at bar. rule states visitors must be signed in and accompanied by members. they don't.

in march 2014 committee agreed to allow british legion ladies section use of the hall for fundraising bingo while their venue was being renovated.since then lady bowlers have had to fight for use of the hall although ladies on the committee agreed ,it was with the proviso that ladiy bowlers would retain the hall when needed. at the present time we are in limbo. although 8 Mondays and 4 Wednesday nights were asked for ,these have been whittled away until the situation now is that we have to await the british legion allowing us 3 Monday nights use of the hall. have now asked committee to contact Friendly Societies to arbitrate in this matter as they are not prepared to give us the hall and we won't accept that. committee say this is added revenue to the club but the nights the ladies of the club are asking for are fundraising nights solely for the club. is purely for the British Legion

Has the committee breached the Constitution of the Club in any way or have they just made a commercial decision which is unpopular?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Not signing in is a breach of constitutional rules. If lady members did not pay fees they would not have right to use privileges.this is clear in constitution. Committee needs to decide that their actions are in the best interests of the members. Why do away with fundraising by the lady members for less cash at the bar from bingo players. By giving a few nights to the ladies ,the british legion could have the rest of the nights.lady members are not upset at the presence of the british legion in the club,only that we have taken use of the lounge on our smaller nights to suit the B.L. We have now been told that a GENTS tournament was recently held on a Wednesday and used the hall until 10pm.this on a night the B.L. USE . THE B.L.changed to a Thursday night.this is definitely sex discrimination.

I assume your constitution provides for a special general meeting that can be called by a certain number of members to deal with a particular motion or resolution.
You should follow that procedure, gather support and put the motion to a vote. I presume that hasn't been attempted this far.
Happy to discuss.
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