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My son has received a debt collection agency letter demanding

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My son has received a debt collection agency letter demanding 420 pounds for a rental property he left 20 months ago. this demand is for electricity. he and his co-tenant left their deposit totalling £600 with the landlady to cover any bills outstanding . What should he do next, many thanks
Thank you for your question.
Is the demand written on behalf of the landlady or the electricity company?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


The demand is from the electricity company E.oN UK. It is from Pastdue Credit solutions givin him until 18th July to pay in full. He tells me that they never received a bill in the four months they were tenants there. I presume the landlady kept the £600 for wear and tear and didnt in fact pay any bills with it. She was not happy that they were leaving but they felt unsafe there and just wanted out of the property. I presume they are liable for the debt and I am going to write to the debt agency asking for details of the debt and the dates etc, would that be the correct thing to do. Also just as a matter of interest the letter is addressed incorrectly . My son is Mark Tierney, and its addressed to Mark Pierney. He is now in Edinburgh and this debt relates to Gourock, Glasgow. Where would they have gotten his address ?? Council tax ?? Thanks for your assistance.

Helen Tierney

I'm not sure how they would have got the address. Possibly through council tax or via a tracing agent.
If his name was on the account he is liable to pay the outstanding bill. At the same time he may want to establish what the landlady did with the deposit which should of course have been placed in one of the deposit holding schemes under housing legislation. If the deposit wasn't put there they may have a right to claim compensation from the landlady via the sheriff court.
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