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KA3 3HG 4muir close stewarton , I'm just wanting to see wether

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kA3 3HG 4muir close stewarton , I'm just wanting to see wether I can pay someone if my poor deceased father left a will , which he said I was in it at the address above. His name is ***** *****, and mines is ***** *****. Hopefully he has and I can pay a lawyer to act for me as I think that his ex partner is taking the mickey and trying to sell the house!
Thank you for your question.
When did your father die and in what county? Did he have a lawyer?
-Could you explain your situation a little more?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


04/10/14 death,solicitor I'm not sure about as was told by his i

him that he had a will and by his ex wido partner that he didn't have one! I thought that as a lawyer you could sort this out for me and check it?

There is no central register of wills in Scotland and no absolute way of checking whether someone left a will.
What you can do is check with Kilmarnock Sheriff Court whether any person has been in touch with them concerning your late father's estate. The court is the place that executors are appointed when there is no will and where Conformation (probate) is granted and any will lodged by the executors in support of the application for Conformation.
If he had an estate to leave and no will, there would have to be an application for appointment as executor. If there was a will there would have to be an application for Conformation and the will would be lodged with the court.
I suggest you visit the sheriff clerk's office and ask them to check their records.
Note that lawyers on JustAnswer answer questions to help customers of the site but they don't take on and work specific cases. We can help you by answering questions but if you need work done you have to employ a solicitor locally.
Happy to discuss further. In the meantime I hope this helps.
JGM and other Scots Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I've sent a letter off to Kilmarnock sheriff court to see wether someone dealt with the estate or not at the above address! So it's just a waiting game now n hopefully he did leave will with me in it like he said he did!!!!

You are better to go to the court personally.