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A close friend of mine in Houston Texas would like to come

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A close friend of mine in Houston Texas would like to come to Aberdeen to volunteer in the animal santuary I own and to help me in other ways as I get older. She is retired at 52 ans I am 75. She would not be looking for work or taking anything from the state.
Can you please tell me if this would be possible or how to go about it.
Thank you for your question.
How long would she be staying here?
Where would she stay?
What would she live on by way of income?
Does she have any specific qualifications for working in an animal sanctuary.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

She would like to stay for a long as the sanctuary is functional, preferrably for the rest of her life. I hope to make her a director so that she can help continue the work after I die.

She would be staying with me in my house beside the sanctuary.

She has her own private income.

I will have to ask her about qualifications but I know she has worked with animals and has been involed in rescue for a long time. She would be a big asset to our sanctuary.

In the first instance your friend would be applying for a Tier 5 Charity worker visa which would last for 12 months and that could be extended. One person she is established as a director an application for permanent residence can be made.
Happy to discuss further.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

If she were to come as a visitor in the first instance how long could she stay without applying for a visa? If she became established as a director while a visitor could she then apply for permanent residence?

Thank you for your help.

With a visitor visa she could stay for six months but could not do any form of paid or unpaid work and would have to leave at the end of the period. She would be better to follow the route suggested above.
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