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I took out a Red Driving School Course and signed the agreement

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I took out a Red Driving School Course and signed the agreement in March, however, since then I have found full time employment, I was told I was not entitled to any refund. I paid £2599, I can see where I would not receive part of the money but to not be entitled to any refund seems a bit harsh. What do you think?
Thank you for your question.
Can you tell me what the contract that you signed says about refunds?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


It says:

Notice to cancel

Up to 30 calendar days from the start date of this agreement to cancel. The amount of refund received will depend on when you choose to cancel and what you have used in that time.

My view is...

I have used the website only, I have not had any instructor training which is what part of my fees are for and for taking out a franchise



If you have an email address I can send the whole contract to you

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Course Fee Refund Terms

Terms and Conditions of RED Driving School Course Fee Refund Offer (RI02)

Course fees are refunded in a combination of frachise credit and cash up to a maximum value of £2599.00 as follows:

£600 of credit against RED Driving School francise fes in the first 7 weeks of operation as a RED instructor as follows:

Week 1 - £150

Week 2 - £125

Week 3 - £100

Week 4 - £75

Weeks 5 - 7 - £50

You didn't cancel within 30 days and the refund assumes that you complete the course and start the franchise so that isn't relevant.
I'm happy to look at the whole contract but what you have shown me so far would not give me great hope that contractually you could claim a refund.
You can sent a clear scan of the document to***@******.*** and ask the moderator to send it on to JGM.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you, ***** ***** just sent the whole document to you.

Kind regards


Thanks I'll look out for it being forwarded to me by the moderator.
Many thanks for sending the full contract. I've read this. Unfortunately it doesn't change my initial view. The contract has specific cancellation and round clauses which you have signed up to. Your situation doesn't allow a refund I'm afraid and you are contractually bound to the agreement you signed. I'm sorry this isn't what you want but it is the legal position.
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