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My granddaughter, aged 24, signed a lease agreement, in the

Customer Question

My granddaughter, aged 24, signed a lease agreement, in the shop, with Currys/PC World for a computer and 'extras'. When she returned home and reviewed the extras she realised they were all items she did not need and had never intended to buy. (She had previously visited a different branch which did not have the model she wanted and had refused one of the items which was now included.) She believes that the costs of the included 'bonus' items were not described to her, being covered by "We'll include all these bonuses in the contract". The contract was signed around midday on 16th August 2015. She emailed customer services at about 11 pm on the 16th making the points described above and requesting that the contact be cancelled and the deposit paid returned. She said she would be interested in paying for the computer outright without any of extras. Currys find themselves unable to agree to more than a small reduction in the monthly amount because software was installed on the afternoon of the 16th in my granddaughter's name. The items installed, together with the cost of the lease, effectively doubled the cost of the computer. We live in Scotland. Are there any grounds for cancelling the contract, please? email:***@******.*** Mygranddaughter's friend was with her when the contract was signed and confirms that the details of the contract were never discussed

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Scots Law
Expert:  JGM replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question.
Is your granddaughter saying she signed a contract that she didn't know what it included? If that is the case then there is an element of fraud and she can insist that the contract is cancelled. Her witness would be her friend. She should refuse to pay any further monies and raise a small claim action to recover what she has already paid.
Happy to discuss.
I hope this helps. Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


Thank you for your useful information. I have drafted a lettter to Currys and would appreciate your opinion. Please see below. Thanks.

Lease contract: xxxxxxxx.

Further to previous correspondence.

I have taken legal advice on the situation. I am advised that what happened to me prior to my signing the lease contract for the computer involved an element of fraud. The reason for this is that I signed a contract without knowing what it contained.

I did not know what it contained because of the way it was presented to me. In addition to the computer a number of items of software and services appeared on the final receipt which were inadequately described to me before I signed the contract and the cost of which had not been shown to me in the shop. These were items I would have refused had their nature and cost been clear. As described in my email of 16th August 2015 I had already refused the Windows 10 installation charge at the Finnieston store. I would not have accepted the MS Office installation as I already have access to Office 365 through my Grandfather’s subscription. Nor would I have accepted the antivirus software. Some benefits were described but the considerable cost was never clear.

To summarise the manner of the sale. I was drawn to make the purchase at Currys because of a bargain offer for a computer which matched my well-researched requirements – I am a Ph.D. Student. Initially I intended to buy a computer outright. I made 2 abortive visits to Currys Finnieston store. Only a display item was available and this could not be made available to me. I was directed to the Hamilton store for the same offer where again the only computer available was a display model, parts for which could not be found. In discussion with a saleslady I was offered a more expensive model with extras, under contract, at an all-inclusive price of £32.22 per month over 2 years. This lady did not give me a breakdown of the individual components of the contract with their individual costs. I was passed on to a salesman, Ross, we talked about a number of non-specific things. Again the costs of the individual items and, in particular, the total cost of the contract was not specified. I never saw these figures in writing, only the monthly payment. Nor was this information included on the contract which I signed. The items were listed in code form but without their costs. My boyfriend, ***** *****, who was with me all the time will corroborate what I have written. I repeat that had they been described to me I would have declined the extras, for the reasons described above.

As soon as I realised what had happened I wrote the email which I sent to Currys Customer Services at 23.01h on the day of the purchase, 16th August 2015. I confirm my desire to have the contract cancelled and the money already paid refunded. I am advised to pursue this to the small claims court if necessary.

I feel I have been forced into a situation which I never intended. I was drawn into the shop by an offer which the company was unable to fulfil. I have become a very dis-satisfied customer, pressured into an expensive contract which in no way matches my requirements at the outset.

Expert:  JGM replied 2 years ago.
That is an excellent letter and summarises the points very well.