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Last week I got caught shoplifting in adds Glasgow amount was

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Last week I got caught shoplifting in adds Glasgow amount was £282. It included clothes for myself and kids, a ink cartridge and some CDs. I done my weekly shop and needed these things for our upcoming holiday. I've got into debt and could not afford it. I know it was wrong. The shop called the police and when they came I said my car was outside. Which is the other issue, I drove there without a license and insurance and I'm being charged with that also. I am a first time offender and am deeply ashamed and sorry and worried I may go to prison.
The police held me for a few hours and then let me go. They never actually told me what I'm being charged with but I think it's obvious. They said they will send my charges to the procurator fiscal and I would hear from them in due course.
I need advice on what to do, should I get a solicitor just now or wait until I get a letter from them.
And what penalties do you think I may get. I'm so scared
Thank you for your question.
There's not really any point in seeing a solicitor until they serve papers on you with a court date.
If you plead guilty you will be fined as a first offender and you will likely be disqualified from driving for a period depending on any other road traffic violations you might have.
You will not go to prison.
I hope this helps. Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks. Even though it will be like 3 charges on one day. Is it really unlikely to go to prison? And what kind of fines normally get given out for these charges? As I can imagine they could amount to a lot.
The shoplifting was a high total I took. And I don't have any other driving issues except the ones I explained. I'm so worried
You won't go to prison.
Fines are dependent on your income and expenditure and can be paid in instalments.
I'm assuming everything you took was recovered. It's not high in comparison to many.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Well that's the thing. The security guard said to me that some of the clothes I took would need to be re tagged with the price as I took it off. And the ink cartridge I took I cut off the security tag with a pair of scissors I opened in the shop so that would not be able to be resold. I did offer to pay for it all but the refused. So I think that makes it much worse?
If necessary those can be dealt with by way of a compensation order.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
And this compensation order would that affect the outcome the judge would make on me so you think? Especially since I purposefully opened scissors to take the item. I really appreciate your help.
The order is designed to compensate the shop for its loss, yes. The sheriff can make that order and impose a fine.
The sheriff has a wide range of powers including deferred sentence, community service type orders, probation, endorsement of driving licence. It is for your defence lawyer to try to steer the sheriff in any particular direction but you are not going to go to jail as a first offender on a minor shoplifting charge and a couple of driving charges.
JGM and other Scots Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you so much for your help