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We have a mechanic who is operating out of a lock up just off

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We have a mechanic who is operating out of a lock up just off my street. He is forever leaving cars parked for weeks & months at a time on the limited on street parking. Our street is a dead end and parking is limited as there are single yellow lines on the main road. I have reported it to our local council a few times as some of the vehicles are have been untaxed, and quite often leaving behind a deluge of oil. It is progressively getting worse and I do not know where we stand as residents, the council have said there will be no private or parking permits issued due to the cost involved, and basically they have not replied since even when I sent pictures of a car with oil literally pouring from it on to the street. We are based in Glasgow. I just need to know if this mechanic has the rights to use up all the available parking for his business. thanks
Thank you for your question.
If the cars are taxed and the street is public and adopted by the local authority there is nothing you can do as anyone can park a car or cars on the street.
If the title deeds for the area prohibit the carrying on of a business then you can apply to the court to stop the person trading from the lock up.
If the vehicle is untaxed you can report it to the police or to the DVLA and they have the power to remove it.
If it's putting oil over the street then you can contact environmental services at the council. If the council do nothing go to see your councillor and complain about the lack of response from the council department.
I hope this helps. Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks. I have reported a number of Vechiles to the DVLA due to non tax & MOT. Do you know where I would look to see if a business can trade from these lock ups as they are really just garages meant for cars & storage.
I never thought about the environmental issues so thank you for bringing that issue to my attention.
You need to look at the title deeds for one of the properties to which a lock up is attached. A solicitor can find out quite easily if he has an address which can then be looked up on the Land Register. I have access to that and could do a search for a small additional cost of you think that would help. I am assuming the lock ups are paired with residential properties in the vicinity. If you have one, we could look at your title as the title conditions will be the same for all of them.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank. One of my old neighbours may be able to help with that as they used to rent one. If I need further assistance I shall be back in touch. Many thanks