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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Scots Law
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You previously answered some questions about a sist of

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Hi, You previously answered some questions about a sist of diligence I put in which was accepted. I am waiting for the court hearing which is in March. In the meantime my ex wife has advised by solicitor that she will be pursuing maintenance through csa. I have not heard anything from csa and that letter was approx 1 month ago. I am wondering if I should resume paying maintenance even though I have disagreement with the amount due to be paid. Will it be brought up in the court hearing if I don't pay maintenance that is part of the minute of agreement, even though she has advised to go through csa? Will the court hearing purely be about the previous money she is saying she is owed and nothing about future money? (the previous money she is saying owed is strongly disputed) Thank you
The court hearing should be about the disputed arrears only. You should pay such maintenance as is currently due as you do not want the CSA to hit you with a huge bill for arrears.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The csa has never been in contact as the maintenance is through a minute of agreement. My ex wife has said that she is now going to go to csa and not by the minute of agreement contract for maintenance. Which is why I am now waiting for the csa to contact me to assess earnings.
I suggest you keep up to date what you consider you are due both from a credibility point of view and for your own budgeting.
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