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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Scots Law
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Experience:  30 years as a practising solicitor.
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I and many other Tennant's are living on an Estate owned by

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I and many other Tennant's are living on an Estate owned by WEST DUNBARTONSHIRE COUNCIL, which they have told us last NOVEMBER is to be DEMOLISHED, they have started DECANTING TENNANS ,into houses which have been lying empty for years, they have told us we are not entitled to a NEW HOME, is NEWBUILD PROPERTY, is this correct.
Tennants have not received ANY Homeloss Payments, as they are being told they are in COUNCIL TAX ARREARS, which they have not been informed of before. I was led to believe they could only deduct RENT ARREARS, for there present address.
All remaining Tennant's have today received letters from the COUNCIL , that they are INCREASING OUR RENT in April , is this legal.
Our buildings and houses are not up to tolerable standards, never mind the Scottish Housing Quality Standards.
I do hope you can assist in this matter.
Raymond Divers
Can you let me see your lease please. Email to***@******.*** and ask the moderator to send it on to JGM. I really need to see this to fully answer your questions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
To JGMMr Raymond Divers
Order ID 16082741-673On the answer to you're question, to forward a copy of my LEASE ,the property which I live in is a COUNCIL HOUSE. or A LOACAL AUTHORITY, so ther e is no way of getting a lease to you.RegardsMr Raymond Divers
15F Newshot Court
G81 1JJ
I thought you may have had a copy of your lease that you could have scanned and emailed to me. In that event as will have to make certain assumptions. As regards ***** ***** if the houses you have at the moment don't meet the required standard and have to be demolished, that would essentially end that tenancy as a matter of law as the property is no longer available. There is no automatic entitlement to a new build property although in practice some councils will offer that where the site of the old property is used to build new housing. I suggest you see your councillor and ascertain the housing policy of your council. As regards ***** ***** these and many other payments due by a council, such as damages settlements, as well as state benefits, can be set off against council tax arrears. As regards ***** ***** to increase rent, this arises from the lease which I haven't seen. It would seem a bit out of order where the houses are to be demolished and residents have to be rehoused but again, the local councillor should be approached if there is no coherent explanation from the housing department. Happy to discuss further.
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