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I worked who was supposed to retire, he gave me

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I worked for someone who was supposed to retire, he gave me a number of clients, who have since then paid my limited company directly for the work I have done/will do. Due to him not paying me money owed for rent of the office, work done, I have asked him to leave my office. The lease is in my company name and I have paid all bills for this up to date. He is now demanding clients back saying they were only sub-contracted to me, and demanding to know how much I have been paid and wants a copy of my client list. We have nothing in writing either way. Do I need to supply him with this information, as I believe he will approach, what I would class as my clients to the detriment of my business.
Thank you
Thank you for your question. You don't have to give him your client list nor do you have to account to him for the work done for what are now your clients. If there is no written restrictive covenant stopping him doing so then you can't stop him approaching these clients. All you can do about that is to contact the clients yourself and try to ensure that they know that the services now being provided are being well provided by you. Let me know if I can help you further with this. Can you also remember to leave a positive feedback on the system so that the site credits me for my time. Thanks for using JustAnswer.
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