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There, My Daughter applied Royal Bank of Scotland

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HI There,
My Daughter applied for a Royal Bank of Scotland credit card, she has been with the bank as a current account customer for 20 plus years, she filled in the application on line, a few days later she received an email saying they would send her out an agreement to fill in and sign, and post back which she done. She then received a letter saying her application was successful, and she would receive her credit card and pin in the next few days, and she would have a £2300 credit limit to use right away, as she preferred to stay with the same bank, and after being accepted she declined a card with Lloyds bank, today she received a letter asking if she could send her most recent bank statement, which as a customer they must have a copy of that, and 3 months pay slips, Jacky never keeps her pay slips she looks at in then shreds it, so to produce 3 pay slips she would need to wait another 3 months, I know she could write to head office etc to get copies, the point I wanted to know is, has she not got a contract with them when they both signed the agreement, and is there anything legal she can do, or do they simply have the right to do this
I have never heard of a case where a credit card company has asked for a bank statement and wage slips, especially when she banks with RBS and pursu,ably her wages are paid into an RBS account. Whilst the small print will allow them to make such enquiries as they think fit she should complain on the basis that they had already accepted her and therefore there is an agreement in place. I suspect there has been an administrative error.
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