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Wondering if you could please advise.On moving into current

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Hi wondering if you could please advise.
On moving into current property in 2008, we change it from oil heating to gas.
There was confusion over getting a supplier, and metre point numbers were missing etc. We played ping pong between Transco and the supplier for a few weeks.
As we were doing up the house at the time we decided to leave it a while and get back to sorting it out later.
Unfortunately life had happened which has resulted in the issue never being resolved.
Now separated, I need to get this sorted but don't know who to approach first. Scared about a huge bill for the past 7.5 years of course too.
Could you give some guidance as to where my starting point would be.
This would fall under Scottish law too.
Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Are you saying you are "off the grid" and have never paid for a gas supply since it was installed?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
They can't go back more than five years in Scotland. I think you should contact Transco and ask if the meter is actually registered. However, your question is a bit unusual. If there was no supplier at all then there may be no contract at all for a gas supply. What is the position from the time you tried to get it sorted?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
An account with Scottish Hydro does exist, but it's almost like it has never been activated. It has always sat at £0. This was until the metre point number could be given to them. Having now looked more carefully at the meter which is outside in a coal shed, I have found this number. Feel had I dealt with everything myself instead of leaving it to my partner at the time it could have been dealt with sooner.
You will need to give them the current reading so as to activate the meter.
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