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Good morning, / sir . My name is ***** ***** I am

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Good morning, dear madam / sir . My name is ***** ***** I am confronted with an issue while dealing with Scott&Co ( sheriff officers and debt collectors). My council tax debt has been passed to Scot & Co at the end of 2014 ... I payed. when it came for me to pay my council tax from 2015-2016 , the council bypassed me passed my debt directly to Scott &Co again. I found out from Scott&Co, that. Also since I had to pay 2015-2016, Scott &Co told me, that now I'll have stop paying for 2014-2015 ( i still had a £294,00 to pay) and pay for 2015-2016. I asked them what will happen with the amount left, I've been told that more than likely it will be cancelled. Now in the present moment 2016 , I am finding out that next week on Tuesday they will send repossession officers at my house for the amount of £294 that were not payed in 2014-2015. ?I have talked to Scott&Co ( Gregor) and when I reminded him about all that I am telling you , initially he denied , then he said that even if that was promised to me it is false and I must and that Scott&Co is not responsible for that conversation. He gave me two options: either I pay now or they send the officers. What can I do ? Please help me
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Scots Law
Expert:  JGM replied 1 year ago.
Why did they tell you the earlier debt would be cancelled? That is just wrong do you have evidence of the conversation?