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I own a small family run children's entertainment business.

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I own a small family run children's entertainment business. We put on mascot tribute shows of tv characters for charity. We advertise that the shows are tribute shows and our mascots are 20% different to the ones shown on TV. does this infringe any copy rights and licensing laws because we are no different than an Elvis tribute act singing at you local on a Saturday night. If this is against the law
1.what could happened
2.what are the steps that could be taken.
3.How long does it take to go to court
There is nothing to prevent you doing this. The only thing you have to be careful of is using unlicenced products. For example you could use a Snow White costume licenced by Disney but not one from an unlicenced supplier. Although in your circumstances you would probably get away with it, Disney in particular is quite litigious and could object to you passing off a Snow White costume that someone else has ripped off. I would suggest that home made costumes would not fall into this category and if you are changing the character and not holding it out to be the original you would be fairly safe. In an adversarial situation a cease and desist letter would be issued and followed up with court action which could take some months. From your narrative, however, I would not expect you to have difficulties where there is no commercial gain.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your reply . I received a phone call today from Nickelodeon about our shows and this is the email bolos.Hi Gus,
Thanks for the earlier call.
As discussed, Nickelodeon UK would like to get another call in with you to discuss previous and future Boogie Buddies live events that feature Nickelodeon characters. As mentioned on our call, Boogie Buddies events that feature our characters/IPs currently fall into the area of being unlicensed. Therefore, in order for your events to continue using Nickelodeon characters/IPs, we need to have mutually agreed terms for Boogie Buddies to become on official commercial partner.
We agreed a follow-up call tomorrow (07841 623 084) after 9am, so I have arranged for colleagues from the Nickelodeon consumer products team to call you and begin commercial discussions.
Kind regards,
AlanWe have been doing Paw Patrol Tribute Show in Aid Of with a percentage of the profits going to charity and Nickelodeon own the rights to Paw Patrol.Im happy to stop using their characters in our shows however we have shows booked up till the 31st July and we don't have the money to refund people for their tickets because we had to pay facebook for advertising and we bought production equipment for the show.Can I stall them till we have done the last show on the 31st July or what from a legal view do you think they will say and do tomorrowThank you