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Over the past few months we have had issues with a bus

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Over the past few months we have had issues with a bus driver for school transport. Complaints have been made with evidence to back these up. He has now started harassing and bullying one of the children. Example. The childs seat belt is the only seat belt in the bus that is twisted every morning. He cannot undo this. The driver then drives off and reports him for not having his seatbelt on. This was reported yet again yesterday and was filmed on camera but the driver remains. The driver yesterday was verbally bashing myself to the children on the bus.
Although I have never made this a point, another parent wondered if this was a religously motivated situation as the company are well known to hold particular religious views.
Finances are not an issue. We simply need to ensure our three children feel safe on the bus.
Thank you in advance.
Have you reported this to the school and to the education authority?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
on many occasions. We have had so many issues with this driver and yesterday when we discovered the issue with the seat belt, we were assured they would address this and call and emergency meeting. It was clear we were fobbed off as no meeting took place and the same driver was driving and once again Johns seat belt was twisted.
If the local authority has a duty to provide transport then I suggest that you put it to them that they are failing in that duty and if you have to transport your children there at your cost you will charge the local authority for that. I would have your solicitor write a hard hitting letter to them outlining the whole history. You are more likely to get some action that way.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you very much for this. I will certainly do this. You have been a great help.