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Category: Scots Law
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Court view. We marry in DEC 2006 and I fill in May 2014 My

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Court view.
We marry in DEC 2006 and I fill for divorce in May 2014
My ex husband had heritage a house before we marry, sep 2006, knowing that we get married in DEC 2006, his had nothing expect 40% of a company In America,
The sale of the house was in 2007 and the money was deposit on a joint account in Uk and them transfer to america to buy a family home, Hes insisted to put the property is hes sole name.
After that we had buy 1 propery in america to me to work from, this property was sold in 2013 and the money was bring back to uk to our joint account.
we bought a flat for £31K and use the rst of the money to renovate one of our property in Scotland that is in both names.
I am a sex work and I had always look after , decorate, pay de mortages and bills in Uk using the money I was making from sex indsutry Untill 2013 my ex has never participated with any finacial regard the deposi for those property that I believe the depost was already turn in matrimonial assets.
From my work I finance and pay not just the properties we have in Uk , but all travel expense to be with him in america as he was base there. Because of the line of my job he was always give me the responnsability to pay airplanes and spend time with him in america calling my job portablle , as I could see clients any where in the world.
Now we are getting divorce and he don't agree in 50% 50%
His has a potential to find a job that makes 100K a years , whatever I am old now and sex industry are not really a good choice for me as I am turning 50 , I have no qualification and woudllnt be able to find a well paid. job.
How the jurdge will see mmy case? Its still possible to get 50% of the sale of all property how should I proceed.

I'm having a little difficulty in following your narrative but I think I have most of it. The general rule is that any property owned before marriage is no taken into account. However if that property is sold and then used to fund additional property after the marriage then that would be considered matrimonial property which has to be split equally. In addition to that you contributed to the property financially and physically so he couldn't argue that your income and efforts didn't contribute. I think you have an argument for 50:50 based on what you have said but also take the advice of your own solicitor who will have a fuller picture of your situation. I hope that helps. Please leave a positive rating so that I am credited for my time.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks, ***** ***** a judge or a solicitor? I was trying to get a court view of my situation, So the heritage money become matrimonial assets as he gets the money after the amrriage and deposi it in joint account and use to purchise a property after the marriage. he is argue about it and have been dificulty to make him understand,