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Ben Jones
Ben Jones, UK Lawyer
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I have a contract to supply services to InfoSys via an

Customer Question

I have a contract to supply services to InfoSys via an Agency called Oneapps. I submit my invoice at the end of the month and should get payment 4 weeks later, so working two months before receiving payment. Oneapps have not paid on time yet. At the end of each month and even that is a couple of days after I should have received payment I have to chase them. I am chasing them today for the April Invoice. My question is since the continue to breach the contract between us can I terminate it. Second question is there is a clause in my contract that says I cannot come work in the client site (SSE) for 24 months if I leave through any other agency. Since they have breached my contract can I terminate my contract with InfoSys & Oneapps and set up one with another agency that SSE deal with and stay in my current position as Project Manager.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Scots Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 1 year ago.

Hello, my name is***** am a qualified lawyer and it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can you seethe question or do I need to type it again?
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 1 year ago.

Have you discussed the late payment of your invoices with Oneapps or InfoSys at all?

Expert:  Ben Jones replied 1 year ago.

Hi there. Thank you for your request for a phone call. I am unable to talk at the moment but if you provide the information requested, I will review the relevant information and laws and get back to you as soon as I can. Please do not respond to this message after you have provided the information as it will just push your question to the back of the queue and you may experience unnecessary delays. Thank you

Expert:  Ben Jones replied 1 year ago.

I have looked into your query in more detail but unfortunately I did not realise you ere in Svotland so it is not something I can assist with. I will therefore ‘opt out’ and move your question to Scots Law where a colleague better placed to deal with the nature of your query should hopefully pick this up soon. Please do not reply in the meantime as that will just assign the question back to me and you will experience a delay. Thank you

Expert:  JGM replied 1 year ago.

Thanks for your question. I am a lawyer in Scotland. My English colleague has indicated that he has opted out because you live in Scotland. I would like to see the contract you have with Oneapps as that may confirm what legal system is to deal with disputes arising from the contract. In any event I would like to see the contract so that I can look at the restrictive provisions referred to by you.