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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Scots Law
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We bought a new motorhome from lowdhams in huddersfield on

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We bought a new motorhome from lowdhams in huddersfield on the 17th october 2015 and picked it up on the 71th november 2015 only to discover that the advice from the salesman was that the installed Fiat tom tom sat nav would take into account the diamentions of the vehicle i.e
the height
the weights
the width and
the length of the vehicle and it doesn't what can I do as I am getting no where with the company
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
should read 17th november 2015 pick up date

When did you intimate the complaint? What has happened in between? Have you been told why the satnav doesn't work?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Right after we got home with the vehicle week beginning the 20th November when I discovered no English version books, information on reversing camera, no torch light in garage and that I couldn't set the sat nav up to take the diamentions of the vehicle, the sat nav does work! But as you can't input the height, weight, length or width of the vehicle the sat nav had already taken me on roads that I couldn't get under the bridge and had to turn back.
I've been to trading standards and they said that I did have a case but with out witnesses it's my word against there's , this is wring I have been sold the vehicle on bad false statements and bad advice from the salesman

This would appear to be a material breach of contract as it was essential to you that there was a working satnav for that vehicle and you made that clear. Unless there was two of you who witnessed the sale rep saying this, you would have a situation that it is your word against theirs but evidence in a civil court case proceeds on a balance of probabilities. You don't have to have corroborated evidence and it may be that the judge would find your evidence more credible than that of the sales person. Why would you have bought the vehicle if the satnav didn't work where the purpose of a motorhome is to go touring in places you don't know? I would sue for the cost of the installation of a system that does work and you may get an offer of settlement along the way.

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