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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Scots Law
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Experience:  30 years as a practising solicitor.
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I met a woman who is married. We had an affair and now she

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I met a woman who is married. We had an affair and now she has left him. I have a criminal record (nothing to do with violence of any kind), it was for drugs.
Can her ex stop her from seeing their children because of the affair or my criminal record?
Thank you
G. Ogilvy

He can apply to the court for an order which he considers to be in the best interests of the children. He may argue that the children shouldn't come into contact with you because you are new on the scene and because you have a criminal record. However it is very unlikely that the court would stop her seeing her own children because of you. Happy to discuss further. I hope that helps. Please leave a positive rating so that I am credited for my time.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your reply, that helps a great deal.Sorry but you are talking to a complete layman. Would the affair or adultery come into play anywhere regarding her seeing her children?And of course i will give you a 5 star rating. I will do that now.Thank you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I did rate you 5 stars, thank you.I asked another question on the same subject but got no reply. Was not sure if I only got to ask 1 question or if I did something wrong.
Please advise.Many thanks

Thanks and sorry, I see your follow up question now. The adultery would not be taken into account by the court unless in some way it affected the welfare of the children such as you having an affair in the presence of the children where they might be upset to give an example. Hope that helps.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you so much.
You have been very helpful.Warmest regards.