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I have recently chosen a sofa from DFS which was a manual

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Hi, I have recently chosen a sofa from DFS which was a manual recliner in the store.
A few days later I had a phone call from the sales person persuading me to change to an electric recliner. I said all the wires may be a problem as our room is open plan. Oh no this would not be a problem was the answer as there would only be one wire coming out of whichever side we chose and he said the electric ones are so much better bla bla bla.
Ok said I (so this was over the phone) The sofa was delivered and I cannot believe all the wiring thats coming out of both sides and there's no way it can come out one side as that is only for the 2 seaters I'm now told, mine is a four seater. So I think I was misled there.
What are my chances of changing the sofa back to a manuel one. We are on a contract for 2 sofas being bought from them costing us nearly 3,000 pounds.
I like this sofa and don't want to be a pain but the wires are a problem. I have lots of small grandchildren around.
The sofas arrived actually on 28-7 16.
I contacted the store but the manager was on holiday and did not get much help from the them. I am about to contact them again. Do I have any rights?
Thanking you.

You do have rights as the sofas were not as described. You were told that there was a wire coming out of one side only and that was not the case. It is a material misdescription of the goods and you can reject the sofas and ask for your money back. If they refuse to do so, you would be successful in court if you had to go that far.

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