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My daughters ex husband girlfriend found out that she had

Customer Question

My daughters ex husband girlfriend found out that she had contracted std of a particularly virulent type .
The ex moved onto his next victim and she also contracted the disease .
The first wrote to the second recently and informed her of what she had been through and told her that he had contracted it from my daughter who has been living separately from Him since dec2013 and stopped having any intimacy from the time my grandson was conceived sometime in sep2012. They were divorced in early 2015 .
The second upon hearing of the ex's affliction
Confronted the ex who admitted it but refused to acknowledge any responsibility .
The second girlfriend is who is quite a well known figure immediately cut herself from the ex and after many months just reached out to my daughter who is now in a state of shock .
My daughter had a very difficult childbirth
And had numerous blood tests from the childbirth and there was not one suggestion
Of any affliction .
What would be the remedies available to my daughter . She is resident in the UK but just came out to Singapore with my grandson on a short holiday .
I thank you in advance
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Scots Law
Expert:  JGM replied 1 year ago.

Your daughter has the right to ensure that her ex does not continue to state that he caught an STD from her. The allegation is untrue and accordingly is actionable in defamation. She can raise court proceedings for defamation and damages for injury to feelings and any financial loss. She can also ask the court to grant an order stopping him from making the allegations. Those are the remedies and before court proceedings are raised a cease and desist letter could be issues. Note that legal aid is not available for defamation proceedings and that any court action would have to be funded privately although you would seek costs from the ex. Happy to discuss. I hope that helps. Please leave a positive rating so that I am credited for my time.