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I have a vehicle V5 registration certificate issued to me

Customer Question

I have a vehicle V5 registration certificate issued to me from DVLA for a vehicle that had been apparently abandoned on a garage forecourt for over 8 years. I liaised with one of the Managers at this Garage and explained that I was interested in taking it off their forecourt. His conversation at the time was, "it would be doing him a favour as the building was being demolished to be replaced by a new building and the he needed all the vehicles removed from his site". I spoke to the police as I was advised, and have the phone conversation to prove I contacted them, and the DVLA and kept the forecourt informed. Once I started the process and paid out money to obtain the necessary paperwork I was then told that one of the other managers has applied and he has moved the van from its original space to an undisclosed location. I have complained about this and told them that I am obtaining the V5. Because of this, they have then threatened me with a storage charge although I did not put the vehicle there and they have now lost the keys. Also I have picture proof that the van was in a watertight condition but I have seen evidence that they have broken into the vehicle by way of smashing a window to remove it. Do I have the right now, to have them give me the vehicle without the mentioned storage charge? I have now been given the vehicle Registration V5 Document in my name and address.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Scots Law
Expert:  JGM replied 1 year ago.

They can't charge you storage. At the same time however, and from the information you have given, I don't know that you have the right to the vehicle. The garage don't appear to have had title to transfer it to you and the V5 is not evidence of ownership. If there is any other information that you think might help here then please let me have it but so far I don't consider that you have title to the vehicle.