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My granddaughter is 17 years old, she is about to go to

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my granddaughter is 17 years old, she is about to go to Dundee University to study medicine. Her farther has just informed her he will not support her financially while she is there and has asked her "how will she support herself while she is there". She got the lowest support from the government as he is on a good wage. I am retired and its making me ill worrying for her.

You granddaughter is in a fairly unique situation as she is about to embark on a course of what is called advanced education. That means the child support laws have no jurisdiction any longer but the 1985 Act doesn't yet apply either. The answer is that your granddaughter can make a court application for aliment under section 1(1)(c) of the 1985 Act even before she is 18. She falls within the definition of 1(5)(a) of the Act and can go to court because the CSA no longer has jurisdiction. Happy to discuss. I hope that helps. Please leave a positive rating sonthatvI am credited for my time.

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