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We recently (October) engaged a solicitor from a company in

Customer Question

Good afternoon,We recently (October) engaged a solicitor from a company in London regarding helping my wife and adopted daughter for an extension leave to remain (LTR) FLR(M) spouse visa with accompanied child.
This firm was not the firm we initial chose,but we were referred to them by Migration lawyers website.
Once we paid our fee,we were contacted by them for to set up an initial telephone consultation.
We were asked to fill in a questionnaire,which we did and returned to them and the step step was to receive after the telephone consultation a client care letter.
After receiving this letter i found many mistakes with the content and asked them to amend it and return it to me for reassessment.
Unfortunately the caseworker assigned yo our case was very obstructive,disconcerting and patronizing not only to myself but separately to my wife on the one occasion she spoke with this caseworker.
Eventually i requested another telephone call with this caseworker and unfortunately with quite surprise she started to accuse us of not responding to emails and misconstruing what was said in out telephone conversations, as we challenger her to the date of submission of my wife and daughter visas applications to the UK Visas and Immigration.
She initially wanted to send the application just 2 days before the visas expiry date,once we objected to this she then said that she would give another date by the 13th November 2017 and we still informed her that this date was not good enough and had to be earlier due to the time required to compile all the data as this case is not within the normal confines of standard visa extension.
On the 25th October 2017 our last conversation did not go well and immediately afterwards another person telephoned me accusing me of been abusive over the telephone to this caseworker,i said that i was not abusive,they indicated that all telephone calls are recorded without pre-warning me.
I said that i was glad that you recorded the telephone conversation so at least any third party observer will know that i was telling the truth.
I demanded a either a refund of the fee as they had not carried out any work that i could see and or assign a new caseworker to us,as trust with the assigned one had broken down.
They said i had to make a formal complaint to their customer complaints email,i did this giving them 48 hours to respond,(I know under the procedure it should be 21 days)unfortunately we do not have time on our side with the visa applications.
Anyway they did not reply until last Friday by telephone only offering the same caseworker as was assigned before,i said that this was not acceptable and requested them for a refund,which they refused.
What would be the next step in pursuing this complaint? Ombudsman?
Regards,Sean Murphy
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Scots Law
Expert:  James-Law replied 4 months ago.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this Sean.

At what stage is the complaints process at?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Hi Jamie,
After contacting the Legal Ombudsman office,they informed me that before i can send a official complaint via their office, i must observe the terms and conditions of the company i had engage for their complaint procedure. normally giving them 21 days.
I had used their complaint service on their website as instructed to do so in a telephone conversation with their manager 25th October 2017,i initially gave them 48 hours to answer my complaint which was to change the caseworker or give a refund.
They did not answer until 3rd November 2017 by telephone and only offered the same casework we had a problem with and refused a refund.
They said that i must write a letter of complaint and post it to their head office and observe the time of given reply.
That is far as i have come today,i have nearly completed the letter of complaint and requesting them to resolve the issue by refund.
As now we have completed by ourselves the applications for the Home office visas for my wife and daughter.
Kind regards,Sean
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Hi Jamie,i am sorry i cannot call you as i have already spent £56.00 on this service this afternoon and my funds for this is limited.
I await your answer to my initial question.
Kind regards,Sean
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Hi Jamie why have you not responded to my question and given me the answer i require?