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My ex parter is 8 weeks pregnant, she is carry on the

Customer Question

Good afternoon
My ex parter is 8 weeks pregnant, she is carry on the pregnancy although we broke up a week ago and I have been telling her to abort.
She (Jacqueline Innes) has been smoking cigarets (probably also weed guessing the people she hang out with) and last Friday she had a drink in a bar with a 40 years old lady who has a history of drugs.
I am extremely concerned about her carrying on the pregnancy, which is her 4th one, just because of an economic return once the baby is born.
She gave a birth of twins at the age of 15, at the time she had been smoking weed and drinking alcohol. Moreover, she had drunk a bottle of vodka when she was pregnant 36 weeks of the twin, then the children were born with severe behaviour disabilities such as autism and so on so forth.
These two children are now in foster care. My ex partner has also a history of domestic violence with her second partner whom she had 3 healthy kids from.
Now I am very concerned that she cannot cope being a single pregnant with 3 kids, and this will effect the health of the unborn baby as well has her own one. I have tried to convince her to abort but she does not want for an economic future benefits such as CSA.
She has claimed child benefits all her life, has and had a history of drug and alcohol abuse and she hang out with people who has also history of drugs and alcohol. And indeed she is well known to social services as well for other issue from now and then.
Please I need help in this matter
PS. I can prove that all I have stated above is correct by recording her in a conversation we had.
Kind Regards
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Scots Law
Expert:  JohnACM replied 7 months ago.

Welcome to JustAnswer! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I am reviewing your question and will reply in a moment.

Expert:  JohnACM replied 7 months ago.

Honestly, there is not much you can do. I would be very leery of convincing anybody to have an abortion. This is a decision she must make on her own and live with the rest of her. I don't know what the law is where you are, but in some areas, if a child or mother tests positive for drugs at birth, the child is removed immediately. I hate that the child will likely be born with mother inflicted challenges, but there is no definite how severe those deformities will be. Honestly, it is just not mine or your decision. Does that make sense?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I live in Scotland, Aberdeen.
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Trying to convince her is not a good thing?
Expert:  JohnACM replied 7 months ago.
Well. I live in the US. I have no idea what the laws are there where you are. Let me bore you with a story. My wife and I have adopted several children. When our 17 year old was born, she and her mother tested positive for meth. we adopted her. She is a beautiful young lady now. we cannot imagine life without her. What your ex is doing to her unborn child is inconceivable, but life is not a bad choice.
Expert:  JohnACM replied 7 months ago.

I failed to tell you that my daughter is autistic an moderately retarded thanks to the choices of her mother.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
you are advising me to not convince her for ethics purposes, not because i can get into trouble legally. Thanks for the answer I will talk to a lawyer here.
Take care
Expert:  JohnACM replied 7 months ago.

As I said, I do not know your laws, but I cannot imagine anywhere the laws would permit a female being forced to abort. talk to a lawyer though. They may say different.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Thank you
Expert:  ivorylounge replied 7 months ago.

Hi, how can I help?