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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Scots Law
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Experience:  30 years as a practising solicitor.
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Dear JGM, Subjects: 9 Battlefield Avenue Glasgow G42 9HP We

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Dear JGM ,Subjects :*****Glasgow G42 9HPWe have our eye on the above piece of property.
We did contact you and asked to check the titles and you advised we could use it for residential flats . However, they require to be two bedroom units .Our goal is to make the units residential two bedrooms, but cater specifically for the disabled market ie ramps, open plan, wash room ..alarms etcThe strange and concerning problem we are encountering is the selling agents will not let anyone view the property .We are willing to make a relatively decent offer, however we still require to view ..alongside our professional bodies ie surveyor , architect , builder etc .The reason the agents are giving, is the unit is too "dangerous" uneven rubble floors etc
As you can appreciate we cannot make a blind offer or bid.My question is can we enter into some sort of waiver, so that no injury claim can come on the proprietors or their agents .This would safe guard the agents and owners from possible law suits.If you can think of any other creative solution please advise.However suspicions do rise when agents will not permit any viewings.
We know the place is a mess, but that is our area and field; and are not deterred.
Greatly appreciated .R.Ps many years ago it used to be a snooker hall .

When I looked at this title before, I was referring to the tenement property as a whole having title conditions for flats is of not less than 2 rooms. Of course the area you want to purchase is the old billiard hall and there is a title prohibition on building that any higher because the roof of the billiard hall was originally the back courts of the tenement flats. So there is no doubt that you need access for your professionals to ascertain at the very least whether you would stand a chance of planning permission for the development you describe. It is just not feasible to make any offer at all until the property has been inspected. Either they don’t want to sell it to you or they are genuinely concerned about health and safety. You can offer a waiver. Your professionals will be well accustomed to entering dangerous buildings anyway. Alternatively I see that the actual owners are based locally, in Pollockshaws Road and you could go to them and ask for access directly. I would check out very carefully that you will be allowed to develop a complex for residents, especially disabled people, at this location given access and the nature of the building etc.

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