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Michael, Technician
Category: Small Appliance
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I have a whirlpool ADP 6332 dishwasher that has an f8 fault

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hi i have a whirlpool ADP 6332 dishwasher that has an f8 fault code , i do not know how to reset the code after fitting a new exhaust pump as the old one had water in with the magnetic part of the pump!
Hi I'm sorry to hear that.How old is your dishwasher?ThanksTech Michael
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Just under 2 years old - Sept 2013

Thank you the problem unfortunately is the main control board.F8 means the board has failed and needs to be replaced.I can help you replace that its easy to do. If you would like further assistance I can provide the best place to get that part and will help you if you run into anything during installation.Are you in the US or the UK?Please rate kindly at this time, it will keep us locked until your dishwasher is fixed. There is no cost to rate or for anything further;-)Once you rate kindly, you can reach me anytime by replying to this message for further help.Thank you and have a wonderful day!Tech Michael
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

We are in the UK. How much would a new control board cost please?

Hi the cost on these varies quite a bit depending on a lot of things. But the best place for this would be Espares.But make sure you ask them for the price and availability of one that comes with a pre-programmed IC.Otherwise you will need a tech to come out and do that, its expensive. But as long as they are aware that you want a programmed IC this job is easy and is worth the cost of the repair. I will help you do this and it wont take long even if you have never done one before;-)There is no soldering required for this one just plugs for the wires. Its a good idea to snap a couple of pics of the board with the wiring still plugged in so you are sure you will not make any mistakes;-)Please call Espares for this part and price: 0844 9777 888.Here is their website as well. rate kindly at this time before closing this page, it will ensure you dont lose contact with me until this is repaired and working as it should. There is no cost to rate kindly;-) Also once you rate, you can contact me by simply replying to this message,Have a great day. Tech Michael
Hi did you get that message about the part and where to locate it?Please let me know, and don't forget to rate, it is the only way I am compensated for my time with you;-)There is no cost for your to rate kindly.Thank you SincerelyTech Michael
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