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Panasonic NN-CT5855 microwave. Why does this oven have a zinc

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Panasonic NN-CT5855 microwave. Why does this oven have a zinc covered cardboard
piece covering an opening on the right hand side of the oven? What is its purpose, can it be cleaned and does it have to be replaced. No mention is made of this in the manual?
Hi, This is common in many microwaves, Panasonic refer to it as the Feed Guide. Its purpose is to cover the aperture through which the microwaves enter the oven cavity from where they are produced by the Magnetron behind the control panel. It stops moisture and food particles getting into the “workings” of the microwave. With the oven unplugged you should wipe regularly around the inside of the oven particularly the door seals and feed guide area. Hope that helps, Richard
Hi,I hope my reply answered your question, if so a positive rating would be appreciated.Best Regards,Richard
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