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Curtis B.
Curtis B., Technician
Category: Small Engine
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Experience:  Service manager and technician for all brands of engines with 40 + years of experience.
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My small engine on a briggs and stratton mower cut out instantly

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My small engine on a briggs and stratton mower cut out instantly and now it won't start. The starter motor is working fine but the engine makes no attepmt to start. Has it seized? Is there anything I can do?
Can you turn the engine by hand by turning the flywheel screen? If engine turns, and starter is spinning the engine, then we have a starting point.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thanks. The fly wheel wasn't turning so I gave it a gentle tap with a hammer and now it's moving freely. So now when I turn the key the engine or fly wheel thing is spinning but the engine isn't starting.

remove the spark plug and with it grounded , see if you have spark. If you have spark,get spark plug and wire out of the way and use finger with a rag to cover the spark plug hole and turn engine to see if you have enough compression to move your finger. With spark and compression, then put teaspoon of fuel into the spark plug hole, re-install the spark plug, and see if engine starts for few seconds. We can go from here. Thank you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi curtis. There's no spark when I dround the plug. I tried a different plugto be sure. There is power but no spark coming

Locate the coil next to the flywheel. Unplug the ome single wire to it. And see if engine has spark. If no spark with kill wire removed, the coil needs to be replaced.You can unplug it where the kill wire attaches on the throttle linkage bracket. You want the wire going under the sheet metal unplugged. On the right ,lower corner of this picture.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Ok i havr the two wires in your picture but i don't have the third wire or the metal clasp it joins to but it looks like it was never on mine. So I tried it with a bridge wire and without.. and with and without the kill wire. Coukd there be a problem here or is it the coil

The black wire going to the left is the coil kill wire, it needs to be loose and not touching anything. If no spark,with the plug grounded, then the coil is bad, Here is link showing the Briggs ignition.------

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thanks. The link didn't come through there though..
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Ok I found some debris beside the coil... removed it and now the spark plug I sparking. I put in the teaspoon of petrol but still no ignition. I put my finger in the hole with a rag... but didn't feel much pressure

Was engine run low on oil? If compression is low,either valves are not seating, or the rings in the cylinder are damaged. Compression needs to be around 80 psi, anything less and engine will not start
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Well the oil isn't empty... it was just below the minimum line. Are we thinking it's beyond fixing?

Check the compression, if too low, the engine need major repair. It may not be worth fixing!

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