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Countax C300H (2004). Engine turns but won't fire. Seat switch

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Countax C300H (2004). Engine turns but won't fire. Seat switch not working (engine turning even though not in seat or switch leads removed). Haven't checked plugs yet as don't have right size plug spanner. Just wondering if the faulty seat switch circuit could have something to do with the problem?
Hi, my name is ***** *****'re having trouble today.I will do my best to assist you in resolving your issue.

Sorry for delay.

Yes I think they are related so I would start by changing seat switch.

Normally when seat switch is not working engine won't turn over so there is something deffinitly wrong in that circuit,, so change seat switch first.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry don't understand how changing switch will help. The purpose of the switch is to prevent the engine from starting/running when no one is in the seat. Currently the ignition works if no one in seat or, even if, switch is disconnected i.e it is acting as if the switch is closed (except it is not running). I was wondering if there was a problem somewhere else in the circuitry that is causing the switch to be overwritten yet the engine fail to fire?

Hi Michael,
Yes there is a problem in seat switch circuit,, most likely a shorted seat switch wiring harness. I just always start with changing seat switch just as preventive maintnance since they go bad all the time.

You are correct engine should not even crank over with seat switch not closed (sitting in seat) or wires disconnected,,, and this is what is happening.

Follow seat switch harness and look for any place that the wires could have rubbed through touching frame or touching each other,, touching any hot parts,,,this will cause a direct short and if the frame is getting the short circuit you won't get fire to the plugs since electricity follows path of least resistance. In this case most likely to frame.

When checking seat switch wiring harness pay close attension to any wire ties that are to tight or loom clamps that hold wires from touching hot parts or shorting to frame.
What happens all the time is from vibration it wears through outer casing causing shorts.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry not getting back to you sooner. Will have to wait till tomorrow before I can check to see if a short is the problem.

No problem Michael take your time.
If you received a email they send them out on auto reply and do not come from me.
I only reply here after I get a reply from you and I'm in no hurry.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Have done a continuity check on switch and leads. Switch is okay - appears to be working. There is no continuity between the separate (yellow and black) leads but there is continuity from the black(double) lead to ground. There is no grounding of the yellow lead. Does this signify anything to you?

It sounds like the yellow wire is broken somewhere down the line going to start relay.
Usually they are wired so yellow lead grounds the start relay to allow cranking.
Your start relay may be stuck closed.
I don't have a wiring diagram to show location of start relay but if you follow the seat harness it should be easily visable.
You could also follow the cable from starter back to starter relay, whatever is easier to do on your mower, you should see the same yellow wire going into bottom of relay.

Also just see if you can still crankengine with mower or pto engaged as it should not turn over that way either,,sitting on seat or mower engaged.

let me know how you make out.
I will be in/out through the day.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Okay It's working -don't ask me how. Seat switch still doesn't work i.e. i can get out of seat and it still runs. The only thing I did was to operate the clutch/drive pedal so may have been a problem there with the cut out. Thanks for all your help.

Your very welcome.

Yes there is another switch at brake/clutch pedal so it may be sticking. I would check the wires to make sure they are not loose or switch is not loose or got bent some how.

Anyway happy to hear its running.

The seat switch may have been bypassed at relay ,it won't hurt anything leaving it alone as long as you are aware that it can be operated like it is.

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Best of luck to you
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Thank you for the positive rating Michael very much appreciated.