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Experience:  Journeyman TechnicianWorked on small to large engines for 30 yearsGas,LP,Diesel
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Small Engine
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Countax mower loses power on inclines.No belts seem to be slipping

although the belt driving the... Show More
although the belt driving the gear-box seems slack.Is this a gear box problem? If so whats the cheapest option to rectify?
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When you notice power loss does engine bog down or engine RPM get lower?

When is last time you changed fuel filter?

How many years have you been using mower? (How OLD)

Let me know
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.

The engine is running fine the mower simply will not go up the slightest incline. The cutting deck is running ok. Suspect the transmission.

Customer reply replied 2 years ago.

Engine running fine no drive on inclines

Thanks for info steve.

Before condeming drive unit I would change belts.
Just because belts aren't smoking does not mean they can't be slipping and you have play in drive belt.
That belt should be tight.

If belts don't fix then we can get into trans but I think belts will fix issue.

Customer reply replied 2 years ago.

Will replace belt as advised The belt to the transmission is very slack.

Cheers Steve.

Then thats the issue I doubt very much its the trans.

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Thank you for the positive rating Steve very much appreciated.