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Grass dying in semi circle think problem was oil spillage from

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grass dying in semi circle think problem was oil spillage from gardeners mower

Hi Elaine, my name is ***** ***** having trouble today.I will do my best to assist you in resolving your issue.

Sorry for delay.

If it was oil/gas/diesel fuel, what you did for a fix would have been eneough and it would not spread.

Now there are some chemicals that would kill anything around where spill was and spread,,it would take approximitly two years for it to clear up, even with what you have done,,the product is a vegetation killer which they use to clear anything that grows.

Click here to view some of those products.

They common;ly use this in places that they want no grouth for at least a year when used correctly ,such as a rock bed with no other plants.

I don't know of any trees that would kill grass unless it covers the sun 24/7.

If you give me type of tree I could verify their claim.

I think what happened is they spilled the checmical and its still in the soil,,when they use that type of product they dilute it first,then use a sprayer on a area to clear,,if spilled full strength it can keep grass growing for years.
You can help dilute product in soil by over watering but you take a chance of it spreading and killing even more grass.

Any questions or problems let me know I'm happy to assist.

You want a excellent 5 star answer & I would like to be rated the same for providing it. Consider I don't know your skill level & I can't see,
smell, hear, or touch the vehicle. It may take a few back and forth replies. Try your best to respond with good detail so I can do the same
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know if your experience here has come up short.

spankyjr1 and other Small Engine Specialists are ready to help you
Thank you for the positive rating Elaine very much appreciated.