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Does anyone know anything about Briggs & Stratton engines?

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Does anyone know anything about Briggs & Stratton engines? I have a 4HP one which won't start. There is no spark. I have replaced the plug however the old plug does spark when I put it in my leaf blower.
The coil has a single kill wire on it, locate the kill wire, and remove it from the coil, and check for spark. If not spark with the kill wire removed, the coil is bad. The spark plug does have to be grounded, before the spark will show. Here is link to how Briggs ignition works.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Looking at the way the stop switch works I am expecting that with the stop wire removed there would be an open circuit between Earth and the stop wire. Tested using a multimeter on the ohms setting. There is a dead short even with the stop wire disconnected
Kill wire may be short in it and is shorting the spark. Follow it direct to the coil to be sure it is not the kill wire damaged.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The kill wire goes inside the engine housing behind the flywheel, then there is another wire which comes out of the same place and connects to the coil. I cannot see any damage to the wires I can see. I also cannot see how to remove the flywheel. Do you have any manuals which would describe how to remove the flywheel.
Your engine is older version and has points and condenser under the flywheel. There may be a conversion that would let you just replace the coil and nit have to remove the flywheel.
See link, picture # ***** is what you have. There is a special tool to remove this, but you can use a hammer and pinch and by tapping the larger outer lugs to loosen the RH threaded assembly, it will screw off. It is the flywheel (nut). To find a new electronic coil for the engine, need the numbers off the outer she, stamped into the housing, usually above the spark plug location. Example(###) ###-####B1
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