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Curtis B.
Curtis B., Technician
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We have an oldish Murray Rider Lawn Mower with Briggs &

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Hi, we have an oldish Murray Rider Lawn Mower with Briggs & Stratton engine model 28v707 which has served us well over the years it has decided to not start..? My Hubby has replaced the solenoid as this is what he thought was gone. While it will start if he 'shorts' it out it won't start from the key. He has checked the wiring but can't find anything wrong. The battery is fully charge and the machine was working well up to when it stopped.
Any help would be appreciated. Bye the way I'm on the UK and just the go between asking the question and the OH who has to fix the mower

Won't start fro key. Do you have battery voltage to the keyswitch? The keyswitch gets voltage from the positive post of the starter solenoid, goes through usually red wire with fuse, to the keyswitch. If fuse or fuse holder is bad, you get no voltage to the keyswitch. Murray will have safety switch for seat, and brake or neutral switch, and interlock switch, for the deck engagement. Any of the safety switches will keep the start circuit from functioning. Last the key switch may be bad, it neds to be checked with ohm meter to see if the start function is making contact when key is turned to start.

Here is a basic wiring diagram for five wire keyswitch. If I had your Murray number, we maybe find your exact model.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Curtis,
Thank you for the wiring diagram. it seems my OH had put a wire onto the key switch wrong......!! All working okay now. It just need the diagram to prove to him he had put the wire on wrong [typical man - never wrong....]