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Curtis B.
Curtis B., Technician
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I have a Bolens DGT 1700 diesel and recently i appear to be

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I have a Bolens DGT 1700 diesel and recently i appear to be loosing forward speed.It is still working and in the last few weeks i have used it to pull a roller on our football field and to return home i have to climb a 1 in 7 hill which it handles ok. I have changed the oil and filter which has slightly improved things.I have noticed an adjusting rod under the prop-shaft--is there anything else i can do to solve the problem--parts in the UK is non-existent. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give

Remove the linkage from the foot pedal to the lever on the hydrostat, and move the hydrostat lever by hand, and then see if the linkage is capable of moving the lever the same amount. Travel speed on hydrostat is dependent on the travel of the operating lever.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Thanks--i will have a go at that over the weekend and let you know how i get on.It will be easier to access the rod if i remove the cutter deck first which is a 20 minute job.Thanks again.

It would be much easier with the deck off.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Just to update you--i noticed that the new transmission oil i put into the rear end looked frothy and had turned milky in colour so i replaced it and cleaned out the new filter--since that episode i have totally lost any movement on the wheels--i am wondering if i have created an airlock at the back end.The steering and the cutting deck hydraulic lift work fine--it's just that the wheeld dont turn at all since the transmission oil changed colour.The new oil i installed over the weekend is now clear after running the engine for some time.Because of the rugby over the weekend i haven't yet looked at the rods.I am off to football tonight so tomorrow will be a day of adjusting rods.Thanks for your help--my plan is to lift the rear of the machine and run the engine to see if any air will be released.Incidentally after running the engine for a few minutes and then with the engine turned off i notice when the transmission level dipstick is removed there is a gush of air--don't know whether it's taking air in or or expelling air.

Air lock is my thought. Raise the rear end and run the transmission f/r with it lifted until the wheels start to work. Be sure it is full of oil.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Did the air purging this morning --jacked the tail end up and ran the engine--after 5 mins. or so a small explosion of air from the filler stick end and i have my drive back--tested machine for a mile down a country lane and looks good. .Thanks for your advice-hopefully onwards and upwards from here.

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