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Bryan, Computer Enthusiast
Category: Software
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Experience:  Having worked with computers for over 25 years, starting back with DOS programs, I've used most everything.
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Hi. Thanks to Richard for his response to my first set of questions.

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Hi. Thanks to Richard for his response to my first set of questions. I got what I needed.

I'm making a short video of a talk, for my church. It will probably go on the church's web site. If the video comes out well, making videos for the church will become a regular thing, and the scale of what we do will grow. This is what I'm hoping for.

30 years ago I started writing a screenplay and making short films. I made one 16mm sound film. My intention was to progress to directing feature films. I worked in Fringe Theatre to gain experience with actors. And I attended some very good seminars and workshops: (Robert McKee, Paul Grey, Jurgen Wolffe, and others). I participated on some successful projects but never earned money in these fields. I financed most of the projects I worked on. 20 years it all stopped, for various reasons. Recently I decided to start again. Finances are an issue. I will spend money on this when I have it. I tried to down load some free editing software but my anti-virus software warned me against it. I have an Acer Aspire V5 computer. I'm not brilliant with computers.


(i) Can you recommend some free editing software to get me started? What internet site should I go to?

(ii) I've watched a good tutorial on using Final Cut Pro on You tube. Can you recommend anything on You tube?

I look forward to your response.


Bryan :

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you today.

Bryan :

This page has links to the best, XXXXX XXXXX video editing software available:

Bryan :

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'll be glad to help.

JACUSTOMER-vsfv2pkb- :

Thanks Bryan. I have to go out now. I will look at the page you recommend, this afternoon, and I'll get back to you. Peter

Bryan :

Have a great day!

Bryan :

Hey Peter. Any luck with that link? Any questions?


Hi Bryan. I have logged off because there will be no funds on my credit card until Thursday 10th April. I will reactivate my account soon.


Hi Bryan. I have logged off because there will be no funds in my credit card account until Thursday 10th April. I will reactivate my Account soon. Shortly after submitting the question to you I had go out (before I had received the reply). I then read the answer and had to go out again straight away before acting on your advice. It's been a busy week since then. I looked-up the site you recommended and downloaded some editing software, but then read that you could not edit from different sources with it. What I have is video from a camcorder, video from an SLR, and sound from a digital audio recorder. The sound on the best video has a buzz, (probably from using cheap leads and connectors), so I'd like to use the separate audio track, combining the two. These would have to be synchronized manually. I don't know if this can be done; I've never used editing software before. The footage we shot was requested by a Rumanian Christian TV Channel. I have handed a copy of the video from both sources, and the audio, on a USB stick, to the person who gave the talk, and he will pass it to the TV Channel. I'm hoping they will have the means and the will to edit it. I'd like to do some editing with the material, as well. We got some nice stuff and I'd like to produce something to give copies to the various people in it and something which our church might use, perhaps on its web site. But money is in short supply, so things have to wait. (And I have other things to do, as well). I will log on to Just answer again. There are plenty of areas in which I will value expert advice. But, for now, thanks for what you did; there is more to be done in the future. You might be hearing from me again. You have a great day

Bryan :

Hi Peter. Ok, just let me know when you're ready to continue.

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