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Chris R.
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My ID is JTCMCRRP (though I would be happy to change it to

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My ID is JTCMCRRP (though I would be happy to change it to a simpler one such as 'Chris Beeton') Skype works well on my laptop but I have recently been given an Ipad for my 85th birthday and skype does not recognize my ID or pw on this. As I intend to use the Ipad abroad, it would be very helpful if you could tell me how to get skype on it. My email address is *****@******.***
Hello my name is***** and I would be happy to assist you today.

My advise for you if you are looking at a much more simple to use and remember username is ***** ***** yourself up for a brand new Outlook account through Microsoft. Microsoft has taken over Skype and you can log in to Skype with a Microsoft email account. You can then set up something like***@******.*** or something similar so that it is easy to remember and professional looking. Then you will just use the same username and password ***** you made for your Outlook email for your Skype login. I use Skype on iPhone and it works quite well.

That is my recommendation. It will make life easier. Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with. If not please rate my service with the Smiley Faces below and hit submit.

Thank you.

Chris R
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The main problem is that the ID and PW for skype on my laptop is not accepted by the new Ipad. Your answer has not helped me to oversome this.Christopher

Let me clarify.

Skype is Skype. It doesn't matter which device you use to sign in. It all uses the same system, so if you sign in from your computer with that username and password ***** it works then there is no reason for it not to work on the iPad with the skype app.

You say it won't accept your username and password, but what exactly is the error message? Like I said I see no reason for your username and password ***** work on one device and not another. I would make sure you are typing your info correctly. Touchpad keyboards take getting use to and it is easy to hit the wrong letters. Also, which Skype app did you download? You would want the regular Skype not the Skype WiFi.

Also, the advise I gave you earlier is just fine. Make a new account. It really only takes a minute. You even said "My ID is JTCMCRRP (though I would be happy to change it to a simpler one such as 'Chris Beeton')". So I gave you a way of making a nice professional looking username. It might even solve your sign in problem.

Anyway, I would need to know an error message or some specific piece of information to help you further. Please get back to me when you get a moment and we can continue this session. Thank you.

Chris R
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The message was 'We did'nt recognise your Name or password'. Skype works well on my laptop but I still get the above message when I try to get it on the IPad. Can you explain how to overcome this? Christopher
Hello again Christopher.

As I believe I mentioned earlier. I have the Skype App on my phone and iPad. That error message is indicating that you did not enter the correct password. Are you sure that you are entering it correctly, keeping in mind any lower and uppercase letters in your password? Sorry I have to ask the simple questions.

I looked into this a bit more and there appears to be some people having the same issue with their username and password ***** working on Apple devices. Some claim that and update caused the issue but I have the latest update on both my devices and am not having this issue.

I would actually check to see if you have an update available for the Skype app, especially if you updated to ios 8. Just go into your App Store and on the bottom go into Updates and see if Skype is listed. If you see it go ahead and update, I believe the version should be 5.5. It is suppose to be optimized for ios 8.

Also if you have not updated to ios 8 I would try that. Just be sure to do a full backup of your device with iTunes before updating just in case something happens.

As simplistic and strange as it sounds some have solved the problem by fully turning off the device and then restarting the ios.

Let me know what you find.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your help. The fault was entirely mine. Your point about skype working on one computer should also work on others got me checking previous password ***** I found I had made a mistake copying onto a new list. Probably the first thing one should check! Christopher

No worries. It happens. Take care!

Chris R