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I'm using Google Drive (1Tb) via installations on both a Win7

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I'm using Google Drive (1Tb) via installations on both a Win7 laptop and Win7 desktop.
There were around 40 small files already existing on my Google Drive account - some uploaded 3 or 4 years ago, and yesterday, using the desktop, I uploaded some small test files, and one large folder (64Gb). They are 'visible' from the desktop - no problem.
However, downloading Google Drive on the laptop today, although most (but not all) of the small files were visible, the 64Gb folder was not visible, and some deletions of the small files had not occurred.
Is there a timelag in operation here? Are there any reasons why the laptop can't see a synchronised version of my Google Drive account?
Thank you.
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It takes some time to synch and 64GB is quite large.
Leave the laptop that is not seeing them open for a long period of time (it may take many hours as it depends on your internet connection) and it will appear eventually.
It just needs the time to synch
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

OK, thanks, Richard.

I can understand the time delay with the 64Gb file, but I don't understand why deletions of some of the small files (very small - 50kb) can't be seen.

When you say leave the laptop open, does it have to be kept logged onto Google Drive, or is that automatic?

It does it in order Richard so will be stuck on the 64GB file and until that is done, can not synch anything else, or is sporadic in doing this.
It is logged in automatically, so it just needs to be on and connect to the internet so it can complete the synching.
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