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Sudipto, Computer Hardware Engineer
Category: Software
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Experience:  Computer Hardware EngineerCertificate Course In Computer Maintenance,8+ years of Experience in computer troubleshooting
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My HP TouchSmart computer has started freezing. It does this

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My HP TouchSmart computer has started freezing. It does this at least once a day, sometimes twice. I have tried Ctrl, Alt, Delete, but this does not work. The only way out is to switch off and then reboot, I know this is not recommended but nothing else
works. The OS is Windows 7 Can you help?
Can you tell me, if the computer freezes, when you try to use any particular program ?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No it will freeze at random, sometimes within a couple of minuets of start up other times it will freeze after an hour or so.
Thanks for the information. Honestly speaking, it is little bit diffcult to say the exact reason, without checking the PC physically, but from my experience I can tell that, this is a hardware related problem and most probable cause for this problem is either the ram or the hard drive. Somtimes the hard drive develope some bad sectors and when ever the PC try to access that part of the drive, it hangs and this can happen any time while using the PC. This same problem can cause due to defective ram. Now, as I said that, to confirm the exact fault the PC needs to be checked physically because if someone check the PC, he or she will be able to use other rams to run the PC and this can make sure if the problem is with the hard drive or the rams. As this is a online platform, it is not possible to check the PC with other spare parts. I can only provide you the information about the problem and what can be done.
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