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I have Outlook 2013. last couple of weeks I can't send

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I have Outlook 2013. For the last couple of weeks I can't send messages although I continue to receive them. I have checked my settings and it says they are OK. What else can I do?
Hello and thank you for choosing You are able to RECEIVE email through outlook, but you are not able to SEND email through outlook.Is that correct?If so, then you need to have a check of the server settings. I know you said you did this....but I advise you check again, OR I can check for you. Also, sometimes the server that handles the outgoing emails, is not always the same server that handle the incoming emails.What that means is, the outgoing server....could be down. Have you checked on this? I know you use outlook, but what DOMAIN is your email address? By that I mean.....what is AFTER the "at" (looks like this ---> @ ) symbol in your email?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, my email address is***@******.***. I don't know how to check whether the outgoing server is down, how do I do this?
You would have to call BTinternet, to ask if their SMTP server is down. However, you can ALSO check to make sure your SETTINGS are also correct.Here is what your OUTLOOK settings should have:Outgoing Mail Server: mail.btinternet.comPort: 465 (this may not be automatically populated on selection of SSL, so you'll need to check this)SSL Encryption: Enabled (but not STARTTLS)Authentication: PLAINUsername: your email address including the @btinternet or partPassword: your btinternet password
I really think the best way to help you is with a Remote Session. Due to the complexity of the issue you are describing, it would take a lengthy series of back and forth to troubleshoot your issue. It is an additional charge, but it is VERY worth it. Because it usually resolves the issue very quickly, and offers an opportunity to see how an expert interacts with a PC, lending to a small learning experience.I will connect to your computer, and fix the issue while you watch, if you accept my proposal for remote tech support.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
What information do you need from me to complete this?
Great, now we can continue onto the Remote Session. I have provided a link below, that you will need to copy and paste into your browser, and download the remote applet, and then RUN the applet. Once i am connected i will send you a message on your screen.
I am now connectd
I was disconnected......Relaunch the link i gave you, or re-run the screensonnect applet