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I would like to understand exactly which parts of my computer

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I would like to understand exactly which parts of my computer might be affected should I activate malware which locks my computer if I decline to send X hundred pounds/dollars to somebody.
Scenario 1
I have one hard drive on my computer but three partitions; W7 on one, W 10 on the next and a partition which holds all the data on partition 3.
Let’s say I am in W7 using MS Outlook in partition 1 and the Outlook data file is in partition 3. I open a link promising a tax refund only to find that the next time I switch on W7 I receive a message as described above. Obviously, I have made a back up of the data partition but exactly which parts of the computer are affected – just the W7 drive or the whole computer?
Scenario 2
I have two hard drives. One has W7, the other has W10 - no data partition. If I am in W7 and open the same malware, is it just the W7 hard drive which is affected or the whole computer?
Am I correct in thinking that a format and reinstallation of an OS will remove the malware and get my computer back to normal?
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Is it just the partition it effects, other partitions on the hard disk are ok.
For Scenario 2, it is just the W7 hard drive that's infected.
Formatting the hard drive and reinstalling the OS will return the computer back to normal. As long as the malware was downloaded on that drive it will be removed. If course if the malware was downloaded on another drive (eg: a secondary drive) from which it infected you, then you would need to remove it from that drive as well.
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