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Am receiving my emails late... Any advice will be most welcome.

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Am receiving my emails late... Any advice will be most welcome. Thank you
Hello,Before I can help I need some further information, answer the following questions the best you can. First, who is your email provider? Second, do you experience the late emails on all devices you check your email from such as a phone or pc?, Lastly, does it happen with all emails and when did it start?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Outlook.. Ive had a Hotmail account for couple of years and a second email address was automatically set up when purchased a new computer - Email is the same - one ending in other as Receive emails on my other devices ok but they re not coming through on my computer. Havent received any for around 10 days...
Thanks for the info, so just to make sure I understand correctly. You receive your mail on your other devices but they are not showing up on Or do you mean you are using the actual outlook program on the PC and no mail is coming through?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Yes, am using on PC- this is an address I do not use or give out to any one- have just sent a test email to that account and states is doesn't exist ! My Hotmail account says it requires attention and is not synced properly but when I click on "resolve problem" it takes me out of page again.. Emails are coming through but in dribs and drabs and always days late..
Are they coming in late on you other devices or only at
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Only arriving late on PC...
Ok this would be easiest to sort out if I could securely connect to your computer and have a look on my own. I have sent through an offer for premium support. Should you accept it I will connect to your computer and see what is going on. It is completely secure and 100% guaranteed, meaning if I can't fix it you don't have to pay.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok. Thank you for offer - have just paid £26.00 -:( is there not any suggestions you could possible give me, in settings or something?!
Yeah I could do that as well but since I have not had a look at everything first hand I am just going to be making educated guesses here. First thing would be to log in here: This should bring you to the outlook settings page. Once there click Connect devices and apps with POP, see if pop is set to enabled. If it is let me know. At this point I am trying to figure out how you have everything set up which will help us figure out the issue.
Unfortunately we will need to check a number of things because your problem could be quite complex, difficult to say at this point but for an issue such as yours I cannot just tell you straight away what to do to fix it without more information so I apologize for the questions. Really we need to know if you are using pop mail, which devices you have checking this account, when this issue started etc... It could just be a simple misconfiguration with your devices but I will need to know what devices get mail from this account and when the issue started.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
ok. Thank you for advice so far...
You're very welcome. You need to make sure that your devices are not set to download the messages from and remove them from the server. If that is how it is set up you will not see anything in your inbox. So really you need to make sure that all of your devices are configured exactly the same and that they have the option to leave a copy of the mail on the server enabled. You should be able to find this on the devices mail settings, that is what you should check. I am thinking you don't have everything set to sync properly so I would suggest you go through the set on all devices and make sure everything is set up the same way. Otherwise you may have one device downloading the message and then it is being removed from the server so you don't see it there. Make sure whenever you change a setting you send a test email from all devices they should all come through around the same time. The devices like phones or ipads can take 15 minutes to sync so there could be some delay there but it really shouldn't be very long, like hours or days. Please do me a favor and take a moment to rate my service by clicking the stars above, 3 or more is very appreciated, we can still chat after rating if you need more help.
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