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How virtual box compares to the competitiion virtual

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Hello, how virtual box compares to the competitiion for linux only virtual machines (on master + slaves). Thanks

Hello Georgios,

Your question is not all that clear but I think you're asking how Virtual Box differs from a Linux-specific virtual machine?

VMs are usually quite similar, varying in features. VMWare, a more costly version may have a larger range of support than others.

There is one for Linux specifically called QUEMU (free) and the difference between that and Virtual Box, VMWare, etc is that it can run the VM in regular user mode unlike the others where you need to run it as a super user. This gives you a little bit more safety on Linux as it assures you the guest operating system won't be overriding anything on the host.

If you'd like to read more about VMs, look here:

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello and thanks for your answer.About clarity I am expecting super sharpness from the individual answering. I am asking for a comparison of virtual machines that run on linux . What you say about QUEMU is very useful. If you please expand on the subquestion: "we wish to use a virtual machine with Ubuntu to create a master and two slaves and then install Hadoop" . The file system variable enters.Regards,

You're welcome!

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Regarding your second question you will need to create a new question for that as it is more specific and the original question of how virtual box compares to the competition for Linux only has been answered.

I know you understand and wouldn't mind to continue helping you beyond the scope of your original question but the price is too low for 2 questions in 1.

Kind Regards,

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