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We have an excel sheet that we require a macro facility to

Customer Question

We have an excel sheet that we require a macro facility to help us organise data. We are looking at streamling the office tasks by department, pay level of the task on a grading of 1-7, by occupation of the staff member, by time they are in the office. We have this data in an excel sheet and are looking for a macro to run that will create the result we are looking for rather than manually working through the list.
If you feel that this is something that you can do let me know and we can touch base on the detail a little more.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Software
Expert:  The-PC-Guy replied 9 months ago.

Thanks for using JustAnswer. My name is***** will do whatever I can to answer your question and will be back in a moment with my reply.

Expert:  The-PC-Guy replied 9 months ago.

if you could send an example file, that contains some data and the output that you want it to look like, will see what can be done

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Hi I have attached the file.
I have attached the SL task sheetThe sheet has x2 tabs master and SL, Department, WH.The master sheet includes a list of all tasks completed by staff at my offices.Sheet 2 includes a list for all staff, the total hours they are available each week, the department they work in and the task level that they should be dealing with in line with pay grade. All staff have 3 levels. Olu’s, Maria’s, Steve and Lisa A hours are split to 18.75 and listed twice, allowing for task allocations working on and in the business.I am trying to run a macro that looks at the data in both sheets and according to the tasks, level of task and department allocates appropriate tasks within the master sheet to staff in sheet 2 depending on the key criteria of department and level of task appropriate to their pay grade.We are still working on the last 2 columns of the master sheet to better qualify timescales and frequency. This work will be completed by tomorrow. In the meantime can you make an assessment as to if the task that I am requesting is even a possibility.Thanks
Expert:  The-PC-Guy replied 9 months ago.

i am having a hard time wrapping my head around this. I would help to get a visual idea of what the output would look like or for a few examples what you want the results to look like. In other words do a few manually that show how everything is arranged

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Will do, I will look at this now and email you back.
Sorry that I didn't reply sooner I left the office at 3.30 yesterday.