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Is Amazon S3 or Vimeo better for hosting videos on a

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Is Amazon S3 or Vimeo better for hosting videos on a website? Each video is less than 10 minutes in length, there will be about 130 videos. I want speed of loading and reliability of the server.Thanks.

Hi my name is ***** ***** is the size in GB of the video your storing, and what codec are you looking to use to stream it?

Vimeo is a company that has built is hosting solution specially around video, and is a big player in the market.

Amazon S3 is a storage solution, so not optimised for video steaming.

I would suggest you opt for Vimeo, as it would be cheaper in terms of running costs, but also offer you a far better end user experience due to its own wrapper for transcoding video

Let me know if you need anything further.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks James, I am in the processing of buying a website from someone which is a membership site with about 130 videos on the site. It's a Wordpress site and the videos are currently hosted from the person's Amazon S3 account. I now need to get my own hosting service so I can transfer the videos across and then host them on the wordpress site. He has given me access to his Amazon S3 to download all the videos but I need to think how to host them. He said once I have put the videos on my own server, then I need to upload them to the wordpress site so he can delete his videos one by one from his Amazon S3 account so he doesn't have to continue paying for the account.Each video is only anywhere from 3 minutes to 10 minutes long but at the moment they don't seem to load that fast on the site. I want to make sure loading times are quick. I am not technical at all so I don't know what 'codec' means I'm afraid!So you suggest Vimeo over Amazon S3 for this? So if I set up a Vimeo account, would I need to download his Amazon bucket to my Dropbox first and then upload the videos from my Dropbox to Vimeo or is there a better way of doing this?Thanks very much

Think the codec as the language used within the file format, Vimeo offers a full wrapper so it handles all of that for you so its just a case as you suggest download the files from Amazon, then upload them to your new Vimeo account.

Wordpress is a very backward solution for hosting websites, it will be at the wordpress side where your incurring latency and performance issues, a website like this one here often shows you where your encountering delays.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok thanks. Do you know how I can transfer his bucket to my Amazon S3 bucket without having to download to my PC? I have just created an account for this purpose? Or download to my Dropbox? Thanks

There are ways you can do it but rather technical using the command line interface, you basically set the source bucket user with write access to your new destination bucket and use a command to transfer the files.

An example of the command to use would be aws s3 cp "s3://source/video.mp4" "s3://destination/" --acl bucket-owner-full-control

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
is the only way to download to my PC first before I can do anything else?

Have a look at the video here, the process for downloading is the same as uploading.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks James. I'll set up a Vimeo account for hosting the videos but did you say it won't make any difference to the speed and loading times as that is a problem with Wordpress? If that's the case, I'll look at different platforms for hosting the membership site.
I think there may be a marginal increase by using Vimeo but most likely 80% of may delay will be the fact the site is based around Wordpress which isn’t ‘optimised’ for video streaming.
Appreciate if you can rate the service received using the star rating on this page and let me know if I can be of any further assistance
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