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I have joint tenancy with my husband in a council flat,the

Customer Question

I have joint tenancy with my husband in a council flat,the council has given usNTQ due to their investigation that we have another house and the flat is no more our primary home. I am willing to give up the flat but my husband is refused and he is in dispute with the council. They are taking both of us to court. I have already written to the council and signed a NTQ but he refused to do so, Now my name is XXXXX XXXXX court order. what is my defence.

I don't want to go and stand against him in court as my husband, he is refusing to give up without a fight. He is also in dispute with the police regarding changing of locks. we have both been refused right to buy on the flat and the motgage also refused but he is fighting on with the council. What can I do for my name to be removed from the tenancy? The court date is about three weeks away.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: South Africa Law