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My daughter and seven year old grand daughter lives in my house

Customer Question

My daughter and seven year old grand daughter lives in my house in South Africa and was arrested by police after a tip off by a neighbour that they suspect that illegal drug dealing is going on. A 1/2 of tablet was found for personal use This has not been the first time and I feel as no drugs were found previously, whenever her boyfriend visits (who has had issues with the law, nothing of a criminal nature except being a drug user), my house is being watched by opposite neighbor via security cameras and surveyed and also by next door neighbor via a peephole cut out of her blinds which faces directly at my front door. The opposite neighbor are asking all other neighbors to sign a petition that they do not want my daughter living in the area. She has never done harm to to anyone and already trying in deal with her addiction and depression, Any visitors/friends who coming to the house are intercepted and being told all sort of stories that has no truth and only assumptions. They've even approached my proposed tenants and the agent! I would like to send a Cease and desist letter but not sure I can do this without a lawyer in SA.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: South Africa Law
Expert:  JW Fourie replied 3 years ago.

JW Fourie :

She can obtain an interdict through the Magistrates Court that will prevent her neighbours from spying on her and from approaching visitors and telling them stories through the Protection from Harassment Act. What this basically is, is an act that makes it easy for people to get relief from people harassing them. All that she needs to do is to approach the Magistrates Court and fill out an application. She would have to return to court at a later stage in order to confirm the order. Should any of the people in her neighbourhood contravene the order, they could be arrested and jailed for contempt of court.

JACUSTOMER-2yqpeii1- :

Dear JW Fourie,Thank you for your reply