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I am a south african citizen living in the uk i renewed my

Customer Question

I am a south african citizen living in the uk i renewed my passport which has been despatched 13th December last year.then i was informed by the head office in pretoria it is already with the foreign office i applied from so i went to the embassy on monday and they refused to release it because it was under investigation i need to provide my parents details & where they were born of which i dont have since i ran away from home at a young age though they did help me to get ma id in 1994 when i was 16 years old & i believe all the relevant documents were provided for me to obtain my id.who can help me with this issue as i dont know how yo deal with all this i feel like i am a criminal hence all my finger prints do match with the ones at their head office & have never had any problems with my documents they all genuine....i also did not disclose the information that i did not go to school as it is something i have always felt uncomfortable to say, which is part of the information they are requesting me to provide a school which i attended.i do know the names of my parents & i managed to get my dad's id number & his death certificate as he died 2006 & i have an idea which area they might have been from. This information is entirely from people who new very little about them. I do believe all this information should appear on their data base in pretoria it is very sad that i have been made to feel like i have stolen someone's identity 

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: South Africa Law